SMART – MATEQ – UJEP’s objective:

  • Contributing to increasing of the quality of life in the Ústí nad Labem Region via humanities and science
  • Developing cooperation with public administration, scientific institutions, and enterprises in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Increasing the share of R&D activities in the Ústí nad Labem Region
  • Strengthening the field specialization and increasing the research capacity of UJEP
  • Interconnecting scientists in excellent research
  • Presenting scientists at UJEP and their work
  • Being a guide for research activities at UJEP
  • Showing that an Ústí nad Labem university is a birthplace of ideas and innovations

The idea of cooperation across the faculties of our university resulted in two key research areas.


Smart City – Smart Region – Smart Community

Deals with challenges of developing society and looks for innovative solutions for societal changes SMART research areas:

  • Public administration management and management of enterprises in municipalities and regions
  • Public services and infrastructure in municipalities and regions
  • Innovations and entrepreneurship
  • Nature, water, and landscape
  • Socioeconomic issues in society



Materials and Technologies for the Environment and Quality of Life

Researches and develop advanced materials and technologies for environmental protection and biomedical application

MATEQ research areas:

  • Nanomaterials for biomedical application
  • Nanomaterials with specific functions
  • Nanostructured surfaces
  • Nanomaterials for innovative remediation technologies
  • Photoactive clusters and materials for energy conversion
  • Molecule modeling for designing nanostructures and simulating technological processes