Smart City – Smart Region – Smart Community

The interdisciplinary project is realized by research team of Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem (UJEP). The place of realization is Usti nad Labem region and North Bohemia region.

SMART ITI = a comprehensive view of building quality infrastructure for human life and providing high-quality public services to address societal challenges.

When: 3/2018 – 12/2022
Where: Ústí nad Labem, aglomerace ITI ÚChA
Project number: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/17_048/0007435

Research intents:
SMART Public Administration
SMART Public Services and Infrastructure
SMART Quality of Life and the Environment
SMART People

The principle of cooperation

The project strengthens the interdisciplinary specialization of the UJEP field of study, the development of UJEP research teams of SMART themes, developing strategic cooperation with the private and public sector, and strengthening the partnership principle. There is the close cooperation between the Usti nad Labem Municipality and Regional Authorities.

Project aims

The aim of the project is to develop expertise and infrastructure for the research and application of SMART City concept, SMART Region and SMART Community addressing the long-term social needs of the population, improving the quality of life and competitiveness in the Usti nad Labem Region.

The overall result will be a higher number of new researchers in research organizations, both in the private and public sectors. New research positions will also be created in organizations. There will be several expanded or modernized research centre, including research infrastructures.

SMART Public Administration is focused on Public Participation and Smart City Management – Smart regulations (participatory decision making, behavioral approaches to public administration, using new technologies, analytical support, open data etc.)

SMART Public Services and Infrastructure is focused on demand approach to providing public services aimed at increasing the efficiency, quality, and public participation. There are several areas involved: Smart Energy, Water Management, Resource Management, and Smart Mobility and Transportation.

SMART Quality of Life – an environment is focused on creating tools for adapting climate change, green infrastructure and the relationship between nature and society. Research intent SMART People is focused on the quality of public space, image of the city and the region and Smart education.

Project Leader UJEP
prof. Ing. Jiřina Jílková, CSc.,

Team leaders
SMART Public Administration (WP1)
PhDr. Radek Soběhart, Ph.D.

SMART Public Services and Infrastructure (WP2)
Ing. Jan Slavík, Ph.D.

SMART Quality of Life and the Environment (WP3)
Ing. Jan Macháč

SMART People (WP4)
Mgr. Vladan Hruška, Ph.D.