For research institutions

We are interested in research topics of increasing the quality of life in the region in humanities and science. In cooperation with strategic domestic and foreign partners, we create interdisciplinary research teams. We support innovations, primarily of local enterprises.

SMART research areas

  • Public administration management and enterprise management in municipalities and regions
  • Public services and infrastructure in municipalities and regions
  • Innovations and entrepreneurship
  • Nature, water, and landscape
  • Socioeconomic problems in society

MATEQ research areas

  • Nanomaterials for biomedical application
  • Nanomaterials with specific functions
  • Nano structured surfaces
  • Nanomaterials for innovative remediation technologies
  • Photoactive clusters and materials for energy conversion
  • Molecule modeling for designing nanostructures and simulating technological processes
  • Innovative remediation technologies and phytotechnology

SMART contact person:
Libor Pacovský: libor.pacovsky(@)

MATEQ contact persons:
Josef Trögl: josef.trogl(@)
Jan Černý: jan.cerny(@)

SMART team
MATEQ team