For enterprises

Cooperating with the private sector is crucial for us from the perspective of better identification of the needs of the private sector and better application of R&D results into practice. We are able to design research activities according to the specific needs of the application partners.

To enterprises, we offer cooperation when developing new technologies and applications, evaluating the effectiveness of current or future solutions, specialized services in the area of chemical and material analyses, sampling, consultations, specific training, and other services.

Currently we are looking for PARTNERS to transfer research results into practice for the following technologies:

  • Bioluminescence kit for fast pollution detection: solution specification and contact here.

Other areas of our MATEQ research with concrete results:

  • New luminescent materials
  • Modeling of chemical processes
  • Bioanalysis using bioreporters
  • Reactive sorbents and their uses
  • Surface modifications
  • Materials for medical application
  • Photodynamic therapy using metal-organic frameworks
  • Surface characterization of materials

SMART contact person:
Libor Pacovský: libor.pacovsky(@)

MATEQ contact persons:
Josef Trögl: josef.trogl(@)
Jan Černý: jan.cerny(@)

SMART team
MATEQ team