UJEP students presented the results of evaluation of Děčín greenery in Dresden

On the last Friday of January, Czech and German students devoted themselves to presenting the final results of the evaluation of the green-blue infrastructure in Děčín. The third and final meeting within the semester student course “Identification and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure in Děčín” was held at Leibniz Institute for Ecological and Spatial Development in Dresden (IÖR).

The course is organized by IEEP (UJEP-FSE) and is organized within the framework of the Czech-Saxon project Values of Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Green Blue Infrastructure in Cities on the Example of Dresden, Liberec and Děčín (BIDELIN, Reg. No. 100282320) funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

The full text of the news in Czech

Contact person: Ing. Jiří Louda, Ph.D., IEEP, Institute for Economic and Ecological Policy, FSE UJEP, jiri.louda@ujep.cz, 608 468 676

Smart mobility – Smart transport

How is the concept of Smart City currently perceived? How to implement car-sharing? How will population transport affect the availability of information and communication technologies? Is there a potential for reducing the total mileage? Answers to these and other questions were sought by participants in the 11th December Workshop at the UJEP Smart City – Smart Region.

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The full text of the news in Czech