New solutions to old problems: Smart City in Brno

At the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR on June 5, 2019, a seminar will be held, bringing together experts, scientists, university and municipal representatives, and striving to shift the problem solving in the Smart City concept. The motto of the event is: “Move communities and cities together in the right direction”. All who are interested in the topic are welcome. Participation in the seminar is also a ticket to the fair.

Come to be inspired by discussions with experts, scientists and university representatives who work with communities and cities. The Smart City seminar – find new solutions to old problems with the help of (not only) university experts can be registered through this registration form. The seminar is free of charge, after registration the registered person will also receive a code to get a free ticket to the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR.

More information about the seminar and the current program can be found on the website of the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (I am sending an interim invitation and an overview of the speakers).

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Smart region forum Ústí region

At the end of 2017, the Smart Region Concept Document Ústí nad Labem Region was created. In this paper, the Commission has taken the Smart Region to aim for cities and regions to work together to develop Smart concepts. After more than a year of working group activity, specific sub-concepts are created, data inventories are performed. All this leads to how to connect not only data, but also people, citizens and visitors to the Ústí Region. For better development, Commissioners have decided to hold discussions with many experts and one of them was Jan Evangelista Purkyně University.

The Smart Region Forum of the Ústí Region was the name of the event whose organization was in charge of the Ústí Region. The event took place on 25 April 2019 in Chomutov and was composed of three parts. One of them was the Smart Region conference, which focused on coordinating Smart Region and Smart Cities concepts. The second part was the Smart Water conference, which focused on the solution for sustainable development of the Ústí Region and the last one was the Technodays fair. Within Technodays, there was a presentation of companies of technical and craft fields.

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Commission Smart Region

SMART Projects

Water in cities: Organica Water and us

Smart and water? Water purification can look different, we have been inspired where the purifier does not have to be hidden from the city’s residents and can become a valid part of the holiday zones.

On 5-6 March 2019, a two-day study visit to Budapest took place, organized by the Union for the Establishment and Maintenance of Green in the framework of the “Smart and Green – On the Spot in Visegrad Cities” project. This project is thematically friendly to the “Smart city – Smart region – Smart community” project, which is also addressed by the research team from UJEP, for which Marek Hekrle attended the visit.

The study visit focused on successfully implemented examples of smart wastewater management and blue and green urban infrastructure. An important purpose of the visit was also the interdisciplinary drawing of ideas and knowledge about smart technologies and the establishment of international cooperation among participants from the Visegrad countries.

Figure 1: Exterior of WWTP Organica water. Budapest.

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SMART Projects
Smart city – Smart region – Smart community

Smart City: Options for Interdisciplinarity

What does “smart city” mean for a sociologist, geographer, economist, artist, designer? We will look for answers at a workshop that will focus on the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration in research on ‘smart cities’, with a primary focus on topics related to the socio-economic development of Ústí nad Labem.

The event will take place on April 25, 2019 in the FSE building in room 223 from 10 am to 1 pm and is open to all UJEP employees and students of various disciplinary orientation as well as to the public.

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More information at

The workshop is supported by:
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U21 – High-quality human resources to strengthen the international environment

From Texas to Ústí to UJEP

Conference Planning, Law and Property Rights will take place next year under our baton. Our colleagues attended this year’s conference in Texas to take over the relay and bring the next year to Ústí nad Labem at UJEP.

The main organizer of the conference is the International Academic Association Planning, Law and Property Rights. She took her motto: “Planning matters. Law matters. Property matters.” The association draws particular attention to the complicated relationship between public and private land use matters.

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UJEP students presented the results of evaluation of Děčín greenery in Dresden

On the last Friday of January, Czech and German students devoted themselves to presenting the final results of the evaluation of the green-blue infrastructure in Děčín. The third and final meeting within the semester student course “Identification and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure in Děčín” was held at Leibniz Institute for Ecological and Spatial Development in Dresden (IÖR).

The course is organized by IEEP (UJEP-FSE) and is organized within the framework of the Czech-Saxon project Values of Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Green Blue Infrastructure in Cities on the Example of Dresden, Liberec and Děčín (BIDELIN, Reg. No. 100282320) funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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Contact person: Ing. Jiří Louda, Ph.D., IEEP, Institute for Economic and Ecological Policy, FSE UJEP,, 608 468 676

Another success at COST Action at FSE UJEP

The University has been involved in the COST Action project “Public Value Capture of Increasing Property Values”. It is already the second FSE project under COST’s European Cooperation in Science and Technology scheme, which is under the excellent European Horizon 2020 research, but focuses primarily on promoting international research collaboration across Europe.

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Why is COST Action worth? Video.

SMART CITY course for UJEP students

At UJEP, a Smart City course starts, introducing SMART to students. Smart City is a very topical subject that the world is talking about. Above all, it is an interdisciplinary, comprehensive concept and needs to be addressed across institutions and the public.

SMART intertwines with professional activities across several UJEP faculties and is reflected in major projects. The course was designed to improve the SMART research theme at the university and to support the implementation of innovative technologies and approaches to the daily life of citizens of the Ústí Region.

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The course was supported by the Smart City – Smart Region – Smart Community project.

Greenery in the city not only as an aesthetic element

Does your city or municipality use rainwater, monitor and ensure efficient use of public areas, or perhaps water infiltration, for example, in car parks? And why are these topics important?

Signs of climate change have a significant impact on the quality of life in cities. Green and blue infrastructure is one of the ways to face the challenges of manifestations such as the city’s heat island, drought, lightning floods, etc. In addition, nature-friendly measures have a number of side benefits, such as aesthetic, psychological and health effects, etc.

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More about the project:

Smart mobility – Smart transport

How is the concept of Smart City currently perceived? How to implement car-sharing? How will population transport affect the availability of information and communication technologies? Is there a potential for reducing the total mileage? Answers to these and other questions were sought by participants in the 11th December Workshop at the UJEP Smart City – Smart Region.

  • You can see the presentation in Czech here.
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