Future of Energy Systems on Local and Regional Level

We invite you to a conference co-organized by the Czech-Austrian Expert Group on Energy, which will take place on November 25-26 in Prague and will focus on the future of energy systems at local and regional level.

In Europe, there are a growing number of initiatives to promote the use of renewable energy, which have been produced near their place of consumption. There are an increasing number of cities and regions that want to be energy self-sufficient through Renewable energy sources (RES).

The conference will take place at the following locations in Prague:

  • 25. 11. 2019 from 13:30 from 18:00 at the Austrian Embassy in Prague, Kanovnická 70/4 (Hložků Palace of Žampach), focused on partial aspects of consumption, production and support of renewable resources.
  • 26. 11. 2019 from 9:00 to 13:00 at Hotel Amarilis in Prague, Štěpánská 18, experts on decentralization of energy systems will present and examples of successful practice from abroad will be presented.

We organize the conference in cooperation with the Czech-Austrian Expert Group on Energy (www.energy-europe.org), which was appointed by the governments of both countries in 2002 to initiate a professional discussion of current energy issues among experts from the Czech Republic, Austria and others. countries.

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Greenery and water in the city – clearly and comprehensibly

Research teams linked to the Faculty of Socio-Economic have been involved in the adaptation of cities to climate change in several projects and there are many interesting results behind them. These take the form of several important professional publications, but also realized studies or practical methodologies that have an impact on the life of specific cities. The latest achievement within the BIDELIN project is a video that presents an interconnected network of greenery and water features that can make urban life more enjoyable.

The video was directed by colleagues from IEEP as part of the Bidelin project, which aims to map, improve and protect the services and values of nature in cities, such as Dresden, Liberec and Děčín (project leaflet). Within the project a student course (autumn run 2019, autumn 2018) or summer school takes place once a year.

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Greenery in the municipality and cities of the Ústí Region

In November 6 – 7 there will be an environmental conference on greenery in cities, which is primarily intended for representatives of cities and municipalities in the Ústí Region and is open to the public. The venue is the Výstaviště Zahrada Čech Litoměřice.

Public greenery is an important element of the living space of the population, which significantly affects the life of the entire population. Its creation and maintenance is not only the task of administrators of public greenery, but of many other fields. The aim of the conference is to draw attention to these contexts.

The conference will be opened by Jan Macháč from the Faculty of Socio-Economic UJEP with a lecture on “Greenery in municipalities as a multifunctional measure in the light of adaptation to climate change”.

The evening program will include the announcement of the nationwide competition PARK OF THE YEAR 2019. The competition is organized by the Association for the Establishment and Maintenance of Greenery – http://www.parkroku.cz/cs/menu/o‑soutezi/.

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PhD students of the Faculty of Science succeeded at the CHISA conference

The 66th CHISA 2019 Conference of Chemical and Process Engineering brought success to several students of the UJEP Faculty of Science. It took place on 21 – 24 October 2019 at the Sec dam, attended by students of two doctoral study programs, namely the programs of Applied Nanotechnology (Petr Ryšánek, Monika Benkocká, Simona Lupínková) and Computer Methods in Science and Technology (Eliška Rezlerová, Šárka Dědičová, Jan Dočkal).

The conference was organized by the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering.

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Platform for green and blue infrastructure

Existing experience in planting greenery in cities and in the countryside, barriers and benefits and costs of local and national projects and the possibilities, pros and cons of using modern technologies in the area of green and blue infrastructure. These will be the main topics for the second workshop of the Platform for Green and Blue Infrastructure.

The meeting will take place on November 28, 2019, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the meeting room of the Faculty of Social and Economic Studies at the UJEP Campus in Vilka (Pasteurova 1).

Two topics will be discussed during the meeting:

  1. A million, ten million trees! Is it enough? It will help?
  2. Urban greenery and the Internet of Things – opportunities for development

The workshop is realized within the project Smart City – Smart Region – Smart Community.

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How to get to school or work? Carpool!

Do you drive to work or school yourself without someone else driving? Unfortunately, there are a majority of cars carrying only one passenger. A new joint research of UJEP and the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of CTU is coming with an activity to support carpooling. Using the Partnership Foundation’s “Travels Through the Cities” application, it offers the opportunity to better organize joint commuting to work or school for employees of the Municipality of Ústí nad Labem, the Regional Authority of the Ústí Region and UJEP employees and students.

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The commercialization project will be protected by a patent

A new compound for grinding wheels has received a patent. It was created at the Faculty of Environment with the contribution of FSE within the sub-project of commercialization. The patented product will contribute to more efficient machining and several companies have already expressed interest in it.

Image of globular corundum, is one component of the mixture (100x magnified)

Commercialization at UJEP is supported by the Technology Transfer CenterCTT, which was established thanks to a joint project of TACR GAMA COMNID together with the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry AS CR and the General University Hospital Prague. Due to the increasing importance of transfer, UJEP is trying to develop this center and firmly anchor it into the University structures.

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Earthworm on the Terrace and UJEP

Vegetables, barrels with earthworm, herb garden. These were unusual scenery of the meeting that took place on September 11, 2019 in Ústí nad Labem. The topic of the event, organized by Jan Macháč and Marek Hekrle on behalf of UJEP, was the presentation of the benefits of community gardens in Ústí nad Labem with the subtitle “Or the cultivation does not stop there.”

If you are interested in the previous outcomes of the economic evaluation for individual SMART measures, look here.

You can see if a community garden is working or not in your neighborhood on the community garden map created by Kokoza.

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