Green roofs are not an eccentricity but an advantage

The roof planted with greenery was perceived as an aesthetic element of the house, perhaps as an eccentricity. However, in the context of climate change, “green roofs” have become a very functional tool for tackling the problems associated with urban life. June 6 became World Green Day. On this occasion, it is appropriate to draw attention to the publication Methods of System Support for the Construction of Green Roofs, in which Jan Macháč, Lenka Dubová and Jiří Louda from FSE, published by the Association for the Establishment and Maintenance of Greenery, collaborated. The publication explains the essence of green roofs, looks at them through the eyes of an economist, lawyer, official and also presents case studies from various places in Europe.

The full text of the news in Czech

Projects related to the issue of green roofs and other adaptation measures to climate change, which are being solved by colleagues from UJEP from the SMART team: