The Czech Republic knows the best student fighting for nature

The first year of the national Czech Envi Thesis competition for the best bachelor or diploma thesis in the field of the environment knows its winner. In the competition of 21 entries across universities in the Czech Republic, it became Kateřina Tumová from Masaryk University in Brno. The winner assessed the possibility of using the so-called gray waste water for flushing and watering, which in the household flows eg from bathrooms and sinks. Monika Kumstová (UJEP) took the podium behind the winner, examining the factors affecting the quality of the urban environment. Tatiana Filippová (University of Economics, Prague) and her work on the impact of environmental campaigns on the change in the behavior of individuals in the consumption of plastics won an imaginary bronze.

The final round was on 27th November at the University of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem. A total of five top students fighting for nature defended their work before the public and experts. In addition to the winning themes, the finalists also addressed the impact of globalization and economic growth on the environment or the attitude of farmers to planting trees in the landscape. Prior to the announcement of the results, there was a discussion of all finalists, which was opened by Ondřej Vetchý and moderated by Viktorie Tenzerová. The students agreed that key issues include not only climate change, but also the attitude of individuals to the environment and their consumption behavior. The theme of disposable plastics also created great emotions.

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