Future of Energy Systems on Local and Regional Level

We invite you to a conference co-organized by the Czech-Austrian Expert Group on Energy, which will take place on November 25-26 in Prague and will focus on the future of energy systems at local and regional level.

In Europe, there are a growing number of initiatives to promote the use of renewable energy, which have been produced near their place of consumption. There are an increasing number of cities and regions that want to be energy self-sufficient through Renewable energy sources (RES).

The conference will take place at the following locations in Prague:

  • 25. 11. 2019 from 13:30 from 18:00 at the Austrian Embassy in Prague, Kanovnická 70/4 (Hložků Palace of Žampach), focused on partial aspects of consumption, production and support of renewable resources.
  • 26. 11. 2019 from 9:00 to 13:00 at Hotel Amarilis in Prague, Štěpánská 18, experts on decentralization of energy systems will present and examples of successful practice from abroad will be presented.

We organize the conference in cooperation with the Czech-Austrian Expert Group on Energy (www.energy-europe.org), which was appointed by the governments of both countries in 2002 to initiate a professional discussion of current energy issues among experts from the Czech Republic, Austria and others. countries.

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