Water in cities: Organica Water and us

Smart and water? Water purification can look different, we have been inspired where the purifier does not have to be hidden from the city’s residents and can become a valid part of the holiday zones.

On 5-6 March 2019, a two-day study visit to Budapest took place, organized by the Union for the Establishment and Maintenance of Green in the framework of the “Smart and Green – On the Spot in Visegrad Cities” project. This project is thematically friendly to the “Smart city – Smart region – Smart community” project, which is also addressed by the research team from UJEP, for which Marek Hekrle attended the visit.

The study visit focused on successfully implemented examples of smart wastewater management and blue and green urban infrastructure. An important purpose of the visit was also the interdisciplinary drawing of ideas and knowledge about smart technologies and the establishment of international cooperation among participants from the Visegrad countries.

Figure 1: Exterior of WWTP Organica water. Budapest.

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Smart city – Smart region – Smart community