Život s povodněmi

Steven Forrest z Holandska se na nás chystá s přednáškou Život s povodněmi: občanská společnost a odolnost proti povodním. Steven s UJEP spolupracuje v projektu Smart City a společně s kolegy rozvíjí experiment, který má prozkoumat vyjednávání při budování ochrany proti povodním.

Přednáška se bude konat ve středu 27. listopadu od 10:30 na FSE v místnosti M010.

O přednášce

Flooding is an increasingly urgent problem globally and can cause severe societal disruption. Flood risk management (FRM) approaches focus on dealing with flooding and this presentation explores two important and ongoing FRM shifts that are currently occurring:

  • Firstly, the paradigm shifts from ‘resistance’-based perspectives in FRM focusing on ‘keeping water out’ towards more holistic, ‘resilience’-based perspectives that encourage the narrative of ‘living with floods’ in FRM.
  • Secondly, the shift in FRM governance arrangements towards an increasing civil society role.

Despite these two shifts, the concept of ‘flood resilience’ is still vague and ambiguous and there is limited research into what it means in practice and how civil society can contribute to flood resilience. Furthermore, there is a need to understand how these two shifts potentially exacerbate or even create socio-spatial inequalities in our local urban environments.

The presentation introduces the concept of ‘resilience’ and what it means for FRM. The role of civil society is then explored and two conceptual approaches are introduced to enable the operationalisation of flood resilience for practice. The presentation ends by questioning the value of resilience and the unforeseen socio-spatial inequalities it can exacerbate or even create. The presentation mixes theoretical discussions with recent fieldwork in the Upper Calder Valley in England and the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands to present an engaging story for both beginners and experts to the topic.

O Stevenovi

Steven Forrest is currently a postdoctoral researcher at UJEP and is collaborating with Jan Macháč to develop a flood risk management board game as part of the ‘Smart City – Smart Region – Smart Community’ project. Steven undertook his PhD research into ‘local level flood resilience in England and the Netherlands’ at the Department of Spatial Planning and Environment at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands).

He is currently finalising his PhD thesis. Prior to this, Steven worked as an environmental consultant at Collingwood Environmental Planning in London on flood risk management, energy and socio-environmental issues. He completed his master’s degree at King’s College London and his bachelor’s degree at Royal Holloway University of London.